Fifteen Minutes and Counting Down

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As you may have noticed, I'm mentioned in today's Daily News briefly (scroll down, towards the end) because they picked up this story about the Post and the Hulk (via Gawker, of course).

It is a bit surprising to see my name in the paper and not see the phrases "international fugitive" or "world-wide manhunt" attached.

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Fifteen Minutes and Counting Down: The New York Daily News body-slams the Post off Frankenstein's assist off the ropes over his noting that something was awry with a story on Ang Lee's new Hulk flick. Sadly, an incoming phone call here disrupted my AIM... Read More


DANGIT! I was so looking forward to being on the lam with you...

Hey! Congratulations!

That's awesome! Does this mean you'll be too cool for the rest of us at the next blogger gathering? ;-)

Oh, I'll be there. By then I'm sure that I'll be back to being utterly and completely uncool.

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