Double, Double, Toil and Trouble

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The Washington Post has discovered that New Witch magazine provides computer trouble-shooting advice, and provides some choice quotes:

TURN THE COMPUTER OFF COMPLETELY WHEN YOU ARE WORKING MAGIC [sic] ... I've had friends who have had their computers completely crash due to simple energy overload when they inadvertently left them on while doing spellwork.

A more cynical soul might suggest that the problem has more to do with running Windows ME than spellwork, but whatever.

You are also enjoined from shouting or cursing at your computer: apparently, nature spirits can inhabit your hard disk and are very upset by the negative energy. To restore the the peace, you can shake a coffee can full of coins around the computer.

I think that mailing the coins to me (sans coffee can) would make more sense. Or, better yet, shake a coffee can full of large-denomination bills around the computer and then mail it to me.

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Heh, great article. It's even better since one of the sys admins here practices wicca. :)

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