Bitch Moan Bitch Moan


Really bad tendonitis these past few days in my ankle (interestingly enough, the pain is focused around the front of the ankle, not the Achilles' Tendon), leaving me to lumber about the city like one of my namesake's creations, a pain-induced scowl affixed upon my face.

Last night's minor premise -- sufficient consumption of alcohol would act as an anesthetic -- proved false; either that or I had not consumed a sufficient quantity of alcohol. Massive and possibly (probably) not-recommended quantities of Advil does put enough of a dent in the pain to allow me to walk.

But, in other news, I saw a cop in Grand Central yesterday who looked exactly like Poncho from CHiPs!


you tried ice, right?

tiger balm?

I've been treating it with chocolate with inconclusive results. I think that I'm going to have to continue the trial.

ooooooh - i forgot about chocolate. keep that up. i hear dark is particularly good.

Try this combo: 1 aleve every eight hours and 2 advil every six hours. That's within (I'm assured) safe dosage for both, and since one is metabolized by your liver, the other by your kidneys, it's safe to take them together. Though I wouldn't go drinking afterwards.

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