Tulsa, OK!


I am now in Tulsa. It is very expensive to use this damned hotel internet connection, so I'll be quick.

It's green and flat here, and buildings greater than 2 stories are few and far between.

More later, though I wouldn't entirely count on a full update until I get back to the Big Bad City.


and you say you're not a nice guy...but you're a great brother. hope your sister breaks a leg!

well not literally, you know what i meant.

Wow! The great Frankenstein is out of the Big A and in the hinters, a measly six hours from me. That's gotta be a shock to the Frankensystem. Tulsa's a nice little city, with practically zero nightlife. At least you're hanging out with the artiste' crowd...they probably know where to go. I recommend finding a honky-tonk, though, and soaking up the Okie goodness. They're right nice people.

Now there's a photo essay for you, Frankie in a honkytonk, ridin' the mechanical bull, falling in love with Sissy, the waitress with two kids and a heart of gold. When will we see that, paul?

Very expensive to use the internet connection, and yet still blogging...?

Addicts. Pfft. :.)

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