This Is Really Hard


Writing bad poetry is harder than it looks, particularly when you're trying to write bad poetry on purpose.


today it will rain
yet again
i shall refrain
from shooting my brain
this endless gray
is ruining my day
and making me wish
i was norma ray
i would sue the sky
and make demands way high
that this endless rain
go away forever and again

hows that?

Try writing good poetry; that's how most bad poetry gets started.

What I love, is when it's SOOOO BAD, that it's good. Kind of like me. :)

I helped edit my college literary 'zine. One chick, obviously a vegan, submitted a poem that began:

Hail Mary, full of grace,
Slabs of flesh upon my plate.

That became, for those of us involved in that effort, the ne plus ultra of bad poetry.

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