One Ring To Rule Them All And In The Darkness Bore Them



Well, they could make an opera out of LoTR ("the OTHER ring cycle"), but Sauron would have to win...

a h a ha ha hah ha HAH HA ha ha

Well, we should be happy (though it does surprise me) that Disney didn't snatch the idea up first. Imagine what THAT would have been like - Christopher Columbus could have directed, and one of the Caulkin boys could have played the lead hobbit and they could get the woman who did all the puppets for The Lion King (I do know her name but I'm in a rush and don't have time to jog my memory right now) to make tree and wizard puppets. At least it's the english that are giving it a shot 'cause if anyone knows about fairy tale folk, it would be those from the old country. Not ol' American puritan Walt, whose grand idea of a charming character was a mouse.

Wow, it sounds like I actually care about this.

Um, don't we already have the Niebelungenlied? This is just such a bad, bad idea.

Hmmm. I can feel my imagination being stimulated in a way its never been felt before. Wait! That sentence has no grammar, no syntax. Is my imagination turning to felt? How can I feel my imagination being stimulated? How about some stimulation? I could go for that.


So far this week I've heard about an opera based on Winona Ryder's shoplifting case, and a musical based on Linda Lovelace's life performed by the Go-Gos. Now this.

That joke I heard a year or two ago about "Columbine: The Musical" doesn't sound so far-fetched anymore.

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