No More Sleeping In


As of Monday, I will not longer be unemployed (mostly).

Oddly enough, I'll be working for the same very large media firm that another well-known New York blogger works for. I suspect, though, that he's much higher up on the org chart than I will be.

Update: If you were wondering what the (mostly) was about, it's because this is only a three-month contract, not a permament position. But hey, it's money and it's better than sitting on my ever-expanding ass at home. And no, it's not with Fox News; it's not nearly that sexy.


Mazel tov! No slacking off on the blog, now.

Hey, congrats!!! So... not being as with-it as a lot of your readers, any chance you could just tell me which media firm that'd be? Feel free to just email me if it's a secret. :)

that's great news paul. congratulations!


You're working for Fox News? ;)

Hey Frankenstein, get me my goddamn coffee and a bran muffin, NOW!

Wow, no wonder Nick's getting a free drink tomorrow.

Congratulations, and good luck with it!

I'm so sorry! Where do I send the flowers and the condolence card? :)

Congrats! See you tonight...

Good for you! Well done! Will we ever get another installment on the Great American Novel??


there's something you don't hear a lot of these days
someone who got a job

maybe tis a new trend

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