My Dinner With a Whole Bunch Of People


Me: So, someone actually sent me email on Friendster.
Dear Friend: Really?
Me: Yeah. But I think she thinks I'm some kind of pretentious jerk.
DF: Why?
Me: Well, we were trading emails all day Thursday and then zip, nada, nothing since then.
DF: Well, what did you to do make her think that you're a pretentious jerk?
Me: Be myself.

And then, later...

Other Dear Friend: Boy, this fish is really good.
DF: Yeah, it's really fresh.
Me: It's so fresh that it asked me for my phone number!
[Dead silence.]


it's a long weekend...isn't it possible she left town a day early?

And I usually prefer saying that the fish grabbed my ass, but maybe that's just me...

Hey, people laughed after the second one!

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