I Feel Like Willard Scott


Happy 100th Birthday, Bob Hope!


Feeling LIKE Willard Scott is much preferable to FEELING UP Willard Scott. Especially if you hadn't had a couple of scotches first.

ThANK Yew!

I know this isn't the right way of communication, but have tried several phone numbers and can't get through to anyone about my question. Also, there is no e-mail address for Willard Scott yet, apparently.

I sent in a picture of my aunt Dorothy Keller about 5-6 weeks ago and was hoping you were going to show it on the Today Show next week (Feb. 6 and 8) Her 100th birthday is Feb.7.

We all live very close to Smucker's which is in Orrville, Ohio and my sister, Marianne Boggs, works there and has met with Willard several times. I was hoping this would be helpful in makinig your decision.

Would you be able to find out for me and answer this e-mail or call at 330-264-4427.

Thanks so much,
Carolyn Marthey

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