While My Taxes Gently Weep


I stumbled across this little toy a while back, but only rediscoverd it this morning: EtherPEG.

It's a ethernet sniffer that specifically sniffs graphics files (JPEG and GIF files, to be precise) that float by your ethernet (or 802.11) port.

It's not much fun if you don't have a real network to plug into, but you can have lots of fun with it at work.

Assuming, of course, that you actually have a job.


coolest app.. EVER!

well okay, i'm talking about driftnet, which does what etherpeg does but for other unices (i.e. != macosx).

sure comes up with some interesting things.. :)

I've seen some screenshots from EtherPeg, but can't make it work with OS X 10.2.6...keep getting errors when trying to load IibPcap in shell...after getting erros when trying to run EtherPeg.

Any plan B? Driftnet?

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