What's wrong with Greg Maddux? In two starts this year, he's only managed 9 innings of work (not getting out of the third inning in his last start), and given up 17 hits, 4 homers, and 14 runs, 11 earned (an ERA of 11.00).

Prior to this year, his stats averaged out over two games worked out to 14 innings thrown, 12.6 hits given up, 0.78 homers, and only 4.37 earned runs (a career ERA of 2.83).

With the Braves currently in last place in the NL East with an impressive 1-4 record, this is a bad time for the future hall-of-famer to have the wheels come off.


I specifically made a point not to draft Maddux this year since his power numbers suffered a pretty huge drop last season and I figured that the decline would start to speed up pretty quickly (though not this quickly).

2000: 6.9K/9IP; 4.5K/BB
2001: 6.7K/9IP; 6.4K/BB
2002: 5.3K/9IP; 2.6K/BB

I think last year he was getting by on a lot of guile, and that seems to be catching up with him.

Well, we'll see with his next start, when he goes on three days of rest...

Maddux's epic pinpoint control has seen a consistant slide for the last four years. His ERA certainly isn't going to settle in at 12.00 (nor will his WHIP be as absurd as it is now) but it's not going to be a very Maddux-like season.

The better question, is what the heck is happening to my keeper for three years - Curt Schilling. The wheels have been coming off since last August...

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