Calimari For Everyone!


"Colossal squid" surfaces in Antarctic, reports the BBC (yes, these are bigger than Giant Squid; it's estimated that these puppies can grow up to 25 meters, or nearly 100 feet long.)

Mmmm. There's some good eatin's on those...


So that's what happened to Squeaky after my parents flushed him down the toilet! They told me they sent him to a squid farm where he could play with other squid and wouldn't be lonely anymore. But I found out they were lying when I discovered the tiny tentacle suction cupped to the underside of the rim. I'm gonna have to go back into therapy now...

Can't imagine the amount of pasta that would need cooking to go along with all that calamari.

You could start an ink pen company with just one squid.

World domination is sure to follow!

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