Benefits? To Whom?


Why the fuck are unemployment benefits taxable? Why the fuck don't they just give me less fucking money in the first fucking place?



Yeah, that's what Scott's always said. Not only that, but this year, he had to pay tax on his income tax refund from last year! What's that all about?

Yeah. Those jerks. All of 'em.

Yeah! Those fucking fuckers. FUCK!

Blame Canada.

It's not like you can exactly eat out at Chez Panise on unemployment. In fact, you can't even really afford Burger King.

Come the revolution, they'll be the first up against the wall. (The IRS, that is, not restaurants good or bad)

Hate tax time, oh yeah, oh yeah.

um, pardon me mike, blame canada?

i don't think so.

A friend in the gov't told me that only 5 percent of Britons need to file returns because they actually take out the correct amount... amazing...

sorry, michelle, just a South Park movie reference.

Come on Paul! What about paying your "fair share"?

How can we afford all these spiffy social programs you want if you don't pay your "fair share"?

Me, on the other hand, Filed months ago and got my return back a llloooonnnngggg time ago ; )

*runs off cackling madly*

I have no problem with paying taxes. But paying taxes on unemployment benefits just seems really stupid.

Income is still income.

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