Another One...


Well, I guess that interview went too well:

"They felt you were too smart for the position and would be bored in it."

It could be worse: I could have been too dumb for the position.

I guess I won't be moving to Miami, then.


aww - sorry paul.

Their loss, Paul. Their loss.

You'll find something that's better ? i.e. that lets you stay in NYC.

Hey - at least you're getting the interviews!

DON'T read the Sunday Times mag article. Instead, have Ken do it for you.

You wouldn't have liked Miami anyway, Paul. I know how active your imagination is, and all of those wispy bikinis would have left almost nothing to it.

I feel your pain. Years (2 decades) ago I didn't get a job (that I now know I didn't want) in an Arby's (Asst. Mgr.) because the Manager thought I was "too intellectual" for the job.

I had to wait for 45 minutes because he was so short-handed he couldn't leave the line for a few minutes to interview and insult me.

Oh, and he spent all of about 30 seconds reading my resume. I asked him what made him think that and made him backpedal for about 20 minutes.

I'd driven an hour to see this schmuck and I figured I might as well get some satisfaction out of the experience.

I guess he was right. Although I wouldn't have been sprouting Proust all day long, or ever.

When the job's right, it'll happen.

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