...and improved!


New iPods. New version of iTunes. New on-line music store (whole albums for $9.99! Take that, Tower!).

Go get it.

(oh, and there's a minor bug in the font rendering -- the fonts are coming out un-anti-aliased, which looks like crud. I presume this will be fixed in iTunes 4.01, undoubtedly to be released inside of a week)

(more notes: single tracks can be downloaded for $0.99; the download format is 128 Kb/s AAC, which allows for some kind of non-intrusive DRM; I would expect an AAC-to-MP3 converter to hit the market within days)

Updated: Here's a comparison between the font rendering in iTunes 3 and iTunes 4. Apparently this isn't happening to everyone...

iTunes 3.0.1iTunes 4.0

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odd how itunes4 doesn't show up in software update (well it doesn't show up for me)

I didn't see it either; try http://www.apple.com/itunes/download/. I did see an iPod update, which I yoincked immediately.

I get the same font rendering oddness.

Same problem for me, please let me know if you find a fix.

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