Anyone out there a really huge Blur fan?

'Cause if you are, then this guy wants to hear from you.


$1200?! Is he kidding?

He hates to part with them? For $1200? That's a tough loss, eh?

You know, I thought I was a pretty big Blur fan, but I guess I ain't. This guy apparently sprung for the special $1400 VIP seats that let you have sex with Damon Albarn immediately after the show.

Wow. The music industry has really expanded its boundaries.

Weird, I posted a similar blog last week about how upset I was that Blur tickets were so overpriced on Ebay!

i went to that show. I thought it was amazing. but the crowd sucked big time. mostly record label people.

the real bummer was that Alex James, cutie bassist, was unable to procure a visa to get him in the country for their US dates (some in austin and the coachella fest in CA). There were rumors that it was b/c the band, and esp. Alex have taken a very public anti war stance but nothing has been confirmed.

As you may know, Graham Coxon, guitarist and some would argue the brains of the band or at least 1/2 of them, was "kicked out" of the band so the only real members of blur who made it were Damon Albarn and Dave Roundtree. The show was great anyway.

I don't care what people say, I think their new stuff is beautiful. I think a lot of people were disapointed, but I was not at all. I was bummed that Alex was not there, even though the guy Chris who filled in for him was excellent even with only 24 hours of practice.

And, no, I did not pay 1200$ for my ticket, but I did pay 50$!


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