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Don Johnson was arrested in Germany with a suitcase stuffed with $8 billion (yes, you read that right, billion with a "b") in shares, bonds, and credit notes.

Holy cow.

He says that "he was going to buy a car."

Just for reference, $8 billion will buy you 10 squadrons' worth of F-15 Eagles (about 220 aircraft), eight stealth bombers, or two nuclear-powered aircraft carriers.

Must be one hell of a car.


THAT Don Johnson?

um, if you read the article, the shit wasn't even his. come on, paul, let's not muckrake ;)

Yeah, that Don Johnson.

I had no idea Nash Bridges did so well.

I'm confused ... what the hell is ANYONE doing with $8 BILLION? Whoever it does belong to, are they a spy or something? Why wasn't it in an armored car? None of this makes sense to me.

maybe don johnson thought he was "preparing for a role."

i walk around with 8billion dollars all the time! what's wrong with u people? don't u have any money?
seriously though, that whole story is probably further from the truth than the reason we went to iraq! maybe this is dons' way of crying out for help and that he's broke.

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