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Gary Hart has a blog.

Yes, that Gary Hart. Regardless of your opinion of the man and the politician, the fact that a serious politician (and potential presidential candidate) validates the form in a way that few could.

Having said that, I'm sure that whatever makes it to the web will have been filtered through at least two levels of writers and/or consultants. And what content is already there is a bit on the guarded side. My friend Brian Lee suggests that we could call these blogs "e-blogs", for "edited blogs". I like that.


i have got to stop skim reading...i though you wrote corey hart.

sigh - a corey hart blog would almost have been interesting.

"E" used like that generally means "electronic", though (like e-mail), so I don't think people will understand what you mean if you say "e-blog".

Wil Wheaton of Star Trek has a blog. So does ex-MTV VJ Adam Curry, though his is mostly in Dutch.

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