Mmm.... tasty.


Dean Allen over at Texism has posted a recipe for "Something Soup", which observant readers with good memories will recall somewhat resembles my favorite soup recipe.

There are a few significant differences: Dean's is really a template for generic vegetable soup, and mine is specifically a carrot & ginger concoction; he pays more attention to the little details; and, of course, we differ on when to add the cream (not to mention the little matter of chicken stock...).

Oh, and by the way, is there a stylebook consensus on how to format website names? Should they be in quotes ("Textism"), or italicized (Textism)? Or is another form preferred?


I say italicized if not linked, otherwise default linkstyle. Captlization at the discretion of the publishing party.

According to MLA, you should underline/italicize.

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