Land Of The Free And The Home Of The Scared Shitless


The FBI will no longer have to check the accuracy and timeliness of data about people that gets entered into its main database.

In other words, should the FBI get a hot tip that I, Paul Frankenstein, am not the upright, law-abiding, patriotic citizen I appear to be but am actually a crack-smoking mass murderer who works as an agent in the service of the Grand Dutchy of Fenwick, they can go right ahead and put that in their database. Even though it's totally untrue.

As anyone who's ever had an incorrect entry (or more) on their credit history can attest, getting mistakes removed from large databases is really, really, really difficult. What if, because of a clerical error, innocent Harry Buttle is accidentally identified as known criminal Harry Tuttle?

I guess there's not much I can do, except perhaps hope that there are no dope-fiend serial killer foreign agents named Paulina Frankenstein...


And that's not all. What about Ashcroft's Patriot Act II? But never fear, we can do something about this. I have a plan, but obviously I can't write it down in this email. Here's it is via my secret code:


Decipher that before the FBI does and then remind me what it says coz it's so complex, I can't remember myself. But I do remember that it was DIABOLICAL and contained the secret to subverting the current administration and return civil liberties to America. Muhahahahaha.

Okay. Now that this is out on the WORLD WIDE WEB, I have to go into hiding before I have my citizenship revoked and get shipped to Guantanamo so I can be refused a trial through the American court system. Think the FBI will put me in their witness protection program?

my name is BUTTLE! BUTTLE!

oh that is very exciting i guess i will have to file a new FOIA seach on myself once a month now... or just not leave my house

Hey...just wanted to say what up....any fan of Brazil is a fan of mine...remeber: Happiness...we're all in it together

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