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So the war has started.

I'm going to try to avoid commenting on the war. As regular readers of this blog know (and those who know me personally know), I'm not a huge fan of the war. In fact, I think it's a terrible idea. However, as Bob Herbert says,

"we should get rid of one canard immediately, and that's the notion that criticism of the Bush administration and opposition to this invasion imply in some sense a lack of support or concern for the men and women who are under arms."
Anyone who believes or implies that my opposition to this war in anyway means a lack of support for the (brave, unlike the men who ordered this war) men and women of our military are more than welcome to meet me outside for some re-education.

So that's pretty much my piece on the war. And as I try to avoid commenting on the war, I will likewise attempt to avoid posting links to bellicose articles or posts (I know that it's the kind of promise that just begs to be broken, so I plead your forbearance in the event that I breach it). I figure that you guys can get enough of that elsewhere at all the usual suspects.

Having said that, here are some non-war-related links:


forget the usual "I'm moving to Canada" response to our embarrassing aggression. Switzerland it is!!

Why Switzerland? Because the skiing is better? At least I don't have to learn a new language if I move to Canada.

Okay, I get it, Swiss Cheezcake. What I wanna know is where's the beefcake?

Well, if the pictures from that website are representative, there are no more men in Zurich. Which would explain the lesbianism.

i have no idea how i got to your site. but well... i'm here. and... i kinda like it. i'll visit more.

out of curiosity--
who are you anyway?

-ari l.c.

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