Does anyone out there besides me remember Pathfinder, TimeWarner's attempt to bring all their electronic properties under one roof (this was back in the day before it was AOLTimeWarner, or, as Jessica puts it, "the dumbest takeover in American corporate history").

Anyway, it's still alive, albeit in somewhat stripped down form, as a gateway to all the individual websites of Time Inc. All the usual suspects are there, and some of the unusual ones, too, but one really stuck out like a sore thumb to me:


It's a little short on content, isn't it?

Us rurals don't spend a lot of time worrying about much more than the weather and the cost of feed or seed. If we complained, nobody would listen, anyway.

Oh...I remember Pathfinder, too. Decidedly not lamented.

Scott, I have to admit, I'd never thot of you as a "progressive", really. But, like, Solidarity, brother!

Oh, I remember Pathfinder well — it was my first freelance web production job, back in 1995. This was before HTML tables had been invented, if that gives you an idea. I didn't love the work, but I loved the money (especially when they'd have us stay until 1 or 2 am and pay us time-and-a-half, too).

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