Why Are You Reading This?


It's after six p.m. on Valentine's Day. You should be

  1. Getting ready to go out with your one true love
  2. Checking your bank balance to make sure that you can pay for dinner with your one true love
  3. Screaming at the florist for having misdelivered flowers that were intended for your one true love
  4. Screaming at your one true love
  5. Panicking because you lost the stinking three-months-of-salary rock you were going to give your one true love
  6. Well on your way to getting stinking drunk
  7. Any combination of the above

Whatever you should be doing, you shouldn't be reading someone else's blog.


G. You might be living in another part of the world.

Well, I am not on my way to get stinking drunk on a combination of over the counter cold medicines.

Thanks for being here and there!

Uh, I mean I AM on my way. Oh, I don't know, I don't feel so good.

what is this one true love you speak of? where can i find one?

Uh, yeah. Some of us are still at our jobs...

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