Whooooo Are You?


Who are you?

No, really.

Who are you?

I was going to make a nice fancy PHP poll with all sorts of TQM-style demographic questions (Age range: 14-18), etc, but when I realized that I would actually have to learn PHP for that to happen, I scrapped the plan as impractical.

So instead, if you could leave your salient details (approx. age, gender, location, job, how you first got here, what you like to read about, anything else you think I need to know about) in the comments (and feel free to be as anonymous as you want), I'd appreciate it. Hopefully the feedback will help me bring you even more internet goodness magnificence.

(OK, I'll even do it myself...)


Age: 31
Gender: Male
Location: Sitting in front of my desk. Oh, New York, New York.
Job: Looking for a job.
How I Found This: I write the damn thing.
What I like to read: Everything (well, I write it, and I can't have favorites, can I?)
Other: You really should have learned PHP, you lazy bum.

Age: 45
Gender: female
Location: SF Bay area (at large!)
Job: Out-of-work programmer, working retail, trying to get back to music
How I found the site: through Mike Whybark's site.
What I like to read: (almost) everything! (as long as I like it...) usually avoid political sites, don't care for rant, and like the culture blogs pretty well.
Other: get back to work on that novel, Mr. Frankenstein!

Hi, long time reader, first time commenter.

Age: 27
Where: Fairbanks, AK
Recently Referred to site: By Gawker.
Job: Attorney
Glasses: Thick-framed emo style
Drinks: Scotch (neat), Manhattan (up), Diet Coke (obscene quantities)
Prefers: Blondes
Is No: Gentleman
Free PHP polling scripts found via Google: [D00d, your comments script doesn't parse HTML] http://www.hotscripts.com/PHP/Scripts_and_Programs/Polls_and_Voting/

age: 28
where: vancouver, bc
referred to by: sarahhatter.com (ages ago in a comment you made)
occupation: frustrated student
favourites: dear nre letters and replies, the extremely rare emotional involvement post, music posts, video/film and foodie stuff. oh and mac stuff!
prefers: pent up, sexually frustrated slightly older men, sunny afternoons, flowers for no reason.
attempted: to be two different to people to you at the start - but you'd have none of it.

Age: Ahem - old enough
Sex: about 3 times a week (I have a steady boyfriend)

What am I supposed to be answering now? Oh yeah...

Referred by: personal acquaintance
Job: Insurance slave; law school hopeful; but I like to think of myself as a saviour to the world (Ahaha)
Favorites: The food review stuff - I don't get the google search stuff
Oh yeah, location: New York New York (ala Nina Hagen)
Other: (crickets)

Age: 29 (and holding)
Sex: Name's Paul, it's not short for anything
Where: NYC, west village
I found your site through a comment you made to a person named Dooce.

Right now I'm avoiding something, maybe a few things. But that's okay. This is fun.

Age: 34
Loc: Desk, govt office, Huntsville, Al.
Job: govt drone
Found: Dunno, forgot. But bookmarked it about two weeks ago.
Read: blogs, news that interests me, FAQs, Miata.net, etc. Not much hard print lately. I only have so much time.
Other: Not all combinations make sense.

Age: 24
Location: Oh, come on, Paul. You know that one.
Job: Professional victim of sexual harassment.
Found: Found you through seesolly many moons ago.
Request: Chocolate, please. Oh, and heating oil.
Like to Read: Things that mention me. ha!

Age: 36
Gender: male
Location: Seattle
Job: Underemployed - journalist, techie
How I found the site: via what, a comment you made on Ken G's site?.
What I like to read: history, essays, criticism, magazines, news, blogs, SF, fantasy, art history, comics
Other: journalism snuck up on me when I wasn't looking.

Age: 25
Gender: female
Location: NYC
Job: None
How I found the site: By meeting you at BABB Numero Uno about a year ago.
What I like to read: the relationshippy stuff :P

Age: 33
Gender: M
Location: Jersey City, NJ, just like a certain Hagen-esque poster above, who has chosen to obfuscate that fact by posting from work. For shame!
Likes: good writing
Dislikes: getting poked in the eye with a sharp stick
Other: Why the market research? Isn't this, like, a vehicle for personal expression and all?

Age: 31
Gender: M
Location: Jersey City, NJ: Hmmm..according to this research something like 1/4 of your readers live right here in JC!
Likes: my ownb humorous comments.
Dislikes: recipes
First Found You: Probably Blogger Bash related.

Oh yeah, forgot I live in Jersey City now. No, seriously, I forget all the time. How'd you guess Joe M?

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