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In no particular order, some BABB14 thoughts and recaps:

A Girl Named Bob, Alex Brokentype, The Raving Atheist, Erin the Gigglechick, Mike Wolf, KG, hostess GI Jane, R. Allan, the other host, Brian, the 646 Guy, Blue Red Orange Ricky, Ursula, Redheaded Sheila, Paul Katcher, David Danzig, Mike Lee, Brian Life In New York, and last but certainly not least, Margo Lee.

Update: Jean-Paul, Stephen Silver, Lady Crumpet, and Gary also have updates.

Update II: Ari weighs in, and The Donk expands on his previous rumination.

Update III: As per Mister Swill in the comments, Dan'l Linehan posts his thoughts (most of which revolve around deciding to crash the party, which strikes me as being a particular kind of hipster stupid, as the dialectics of an open invitation make it impossible to crash).


Wow... so in your world I wasn't even there!!!
OUCH... *pride hurt*

Ari: Frankly, considering that bucket of scotch mixed with crystal meth and Pop Rocks that Frankie downed around 5:45, it's pretty amazing that he even remembers himself being there.

That is a gross, unfair, and entirely actionable libel.

It was bourbon, not scotch.

Ah, you missed the commentary of Dan'l Linnehan of Revolution Freedom: http://revolutionfreedom.com/now.html (look for the February 7th entry called "boom, i crashed your party...").

Apparently a few social-climbing queens didn't understand the concept of open invitations.

good pics, although it's important to recognize one day, my face will be stretched like melted rubber.

always good to meet new people.

Oops, two corrections: 1. It's Linehan with one L. 2. I'm not really that much of an asshole.

Dude, that Daniel guy needs to cool down. (Was here actually there?) Not invited? How silly.

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