Trust The Monopoly To Do The Right Thing

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OK, so according to the FCC, I'm suppose to have to use 11 digits (1-areacode-number) to call ANY phone in New York City (even those in my own area code). It's a stupid rule (seems to me that it'd be easier to go to 8-digit phone numbers, like the rest of the world, but I digress) that was supposed to go into effect on the first of February.

So it's now three days later, and I'm still calling my friends and parents without dialing 1-212 first.

Trust Verizon to fuck even stupid things up.

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Is dialing those extra three numbers taking time out of your busy day, Paul, time you can be spending better going to fancy-shmancy restaurants? Hmmmm? Ooooh, I have to press three extra buttons, my little fingers are tired!

You make me sick, porn-man!

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