Strangelove Addiction


Search requests in the month of January:

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where can i find information on the explosion yesterday?? safari ebay bug cookies flying pigs meat
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real sex pheromones of america new york waxing pubic catfight wedgie
trombone contest solo 2003 march euro what is it about british men? cheap drunk and stiff lipped don't like liv tyler
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pictures of infected bellybuttons wonderful thing about the atlantic ocean women gold hair how need sex


and it surprises you that you're pornographic?

You get all the "cool" search strings!

You realize that posting those things actually increases your chances of getting googled by those?

Then again, you do want those thing...

Absolutely. Self-referential algorithms are king.

MacHall's googlism, sadly, was not quite as amusing as these: in fact, MacHall came up third or fourth for quite some time when googling 'Digimon Porn'.

Of course, once they ran a strip about that, they immediately got bumped up to 1st place :D

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