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Is "useless hipsterism" a tautology? (from an email I just wrote regarding a comment to this site)

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Yes, I'd say it's redundant.

If I knew what Tautology was, I'd answer that. ;)

i am curious what the context of the phrase of the day is... almost more important to me than the impact of the phrase

Is hipsterism useless? Not to the hipster, perhaps. Either the hipsterism is useless, or the hipsterism is not useless. Now, if only I knew what a hipster is...

I suppose if a hipster were to say, volunteer for the peace corps, she wouldn't be useless. But if she were to sit around, smoke pot all day, promise her mom yet again that she'll look for a job tomorrow, and then spend all night dancing at raves, she might qualify as useless. But then again, I suppose it's entirely possible that the latter lifestyle could also be that of an unemployed yuppie, or accountant, or whatever...

What is tautology? Isn't that when you answer a question with the question, ie, salt tastes like salt?

I guess my point is, while I have no use for hipsterism, being a hipster does not in itself imply uselessness any more than it would to any other demographic...

I wish I was funnier.

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