Out, Damned Boycott


While everyone seems to be boycotting French wine and cheeses (something I have absolutely no problem with whatsoever, 'cause that means that there's more for me), no one seems to have noticed that we're buying up lots of Iraqi oil.

Hmm. French wine. Iraqi oil.

Remind me again whom we're supposed to be invading?

From the damn foreigner.


well if you go by the numbers, oops i mean facts, since the french have the largest oil contracts with IRAQ... perhaps the real question is why don't we boycott both

Heh. It's that same damn rope that the Marxists are always selling us...

What else can we boycott? North Korean buffalo wagons? Romantic Iraq getaways?

I am drinking anything French these days, though.

THat article just proves the point that if it was all about the oil, we would have simply bought it wholesale, and not even worried about a war premium.

As for the French, I bet there were even some who bought German and Japanese in WWII

Er, upon some reflection, VIchy France would have been a much more approprate nation then Germany and Japan for the analogy

So, Nick, the French are Nazi puppets?

And on another note:


Mike, are you asking if the Vichy French were Nazi puppets?

If not, what were they then exactly?

No, you were intimating that it was a good idea to liken the French today to the Vichy.

Or maybe you weren't, which is what I was asking about.

If anything, I was likening them to be indavertently (or conciously, depending on the Paperwork in Baghdad) being the political puppets of Iraq. Unless your inferring that the Ba'ath Party de facto NAZI's.

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