You Can Sleep While I Drive


You know, there are some downsides to having 24/7 internet access.

Like when you turn on your computer to play some silly video game and instead of playing the game you end up IM'ing with a totally hot chick until 3 a.m.

Man, I hate it when that happens.


Damn, that sucks.

you poor thing. one assumes she doesn't know about this blog of yours?

me again - actually unlike some of us you use your full name here and even blog under your so a google search would point anyone here.

well totally hot chick if you're reading this paul's a nice guy, give him a chance.

psst - Paul, it was Ken, giving you a hard time. Don't let on - he's lonely, you know.

Ah ha! You know, I kept asking my 77-year-old mother what she was doing the other night, locked in the bathroom at 2:00 AM, pounding on my old laptop.

Jeebus, mom ... you gotta stop that.

I never pretend to be a hot women during my IMing; I always pretend to be a pirate.

Oh my God, that pirate was you?

I knew I was on to something when I told Jim that I just couldn't be a pirate for Halloween...

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