Stupor Bowl Shuffle


Well, the game wasn't exactly great, but it really didn't entirely suck, either. The Raiders took a shot at making it respectable (until those two last interceptions). It was nice to see Jerry Rice streaking towards the end zone once more in a Super Bowl.

The commercials weren't terribly memorable, either, which was a real shame.


Well, I wanted the Raiders to lose, so I enjoyed it. (I'll also admit I was sitting at the computer with the tv on in the background, I only watched about 10 minutes of it with my full attention.)

I really enjoyed seeing the Raiders get humiliated, though. Seeing the confusion, pain, anger, and utter bewilderment on their faces was sweet. :)

I could care less about the Bucs, honestly, I just really dislike the Raiders.

The ads were pretty weak, though. Did you see the SNL halftime show on NBC? That was pretty amusing*, definitely a lot better than watching Shania Twain lipsync her songs and whatever else was going on during the real halftime show.

* - At one point they pulled out a box to show a "real superbowl ring" but it was missing, they start to panic - and then Chris Kattan jumps up onto the desk, dressed in a cheap Gollum suit, and starts going off about his precious, in an absolutely hilarious send-up of the Gollum from The Two Towers.

Actually, I spent most of the halftime show trying to figure out why the sound balance I was getting on the Super Bowl was seriously out of whack.

Turns out that it was the ABC feed that TWC was getting.

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