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The latest salvo in the burger wars:

Daniel Boulud is introducing a $50 burger, according to the New York Post.

The new burger, which will be available ... next week, adds layers of fresh shaved black truffles to the successful formula of ground sirloin and chuck stuffed with fois gras and braised short ribs ... "If the price of truffles goes up, we'll have to increase the price of our burger," [Boulud] says. Black truffles usually retail for $350 to $500 a pound. Boulud says he will serve the uber-burger until the end of the black truffle season.

First Old Homestead introduced a $41 burger, then the Times ran a piece spotlighting the best burgers in the city, and now Boulud has a $50 burger. Is New York City in the midst of a burger mania?

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Believe it. Paul asks if NYC is in the midst of burger mania. Well, yeah -- if someone is crazy Read More


you can hold the truffles... just give me a bistro burger (with cheese) at the corner bistro and some fries and i am a happy girl!

Yeah, the Bistro Burger is a New York classic.

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