Cold Sweat, Pt. 1


While I may be the only New York City blogger left who hasn't complained about the bone-chilling, soul-numbing, cheek-freezing cold, I should point out that when I came home the other night, the doorman politely informed me that there was no water in the building at the moment because the water pipes had frozen.

Now that, my friend, is cold.


I thought this was strictly a Jersey City problem.

ha! i live in canada and never in my lifetime has a place i lived in had frozen pipes.

yes, i do enjoy gloating.

keep warm paul.

It's so cold that people are blogging less. Why? Well, thing is that when it gets this cold, bandwidth goes down because electrons actually slow down. Since my cable modem is now the functional equivalent of a 28.8 modem (I would hate to think what those poor souls using real modems must be going through: the web at 300 baud, anyone?), it's rather difficult to surf the way I'm used to, so blogging is consequently down (must be what happen to Gawker, too). What's really bad is when a bit of thawed line hits a frozen router -- there are loose bits spewing all over the place when that happens.

Paul, you do know that Ken believed you when you said that, don't you?

It's pretty great, though.

(everyone shouts together) How cold is it, Paul?

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