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Well, the finalists for the 2003 Bloggies have been announced, and the only thing I can say is What the fuck?

Did the nominating panel have their collective heads up their asses?

Some of the nominations were, well, puzzling to say the least; what was even more bizarre were the omissions...

Dawn Olsen has much more to say on the topic.

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Just like the real (silly) weblog awards, this is totally biased. Also much like the fairvue awards, there were Read More


Plus one of them stole her nominated tagline from SportsCenter.

Ok, this is how it's going to work. We're having our own bloggies. I nominate you, and you nominate me. Over and over. And we'll act surprised when it's a tie win. Okay?

When you said "What the fuck?" I thought you were referencing the fact that when opened, their website is a complete jumble. I haven't a clue who got nominated.

that felt more like elimivote. maybe it's fixed. one fo the nominees had nothing up on their site. what gives?

Go to my blog I have the full list of people who were submitted to the nominating committee (I was on it dammit) and I feel shafted that NO ONE i voted for got nominated!

I feel shafted that I didn't even get one pity nomination! C'mon, not even one "Best Asian Blog" or something?

uh, yeah. Seriously, Ken. Now, I KNOW Brian nominated me for best African Blog. But did you SEE it mentioned? NOOOOO.

Seems racist.

damn right...and you are the best asian blog I know... :)

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