Strange Meadow Lark


When: About 1:30 Saturday afternoon

Where: Union Square, just north of the holiday market.

Who: A young, early-twenties cute hipster couple: he in jeans and jacket; she in spangly black hose, short swingy skirt and jacket (it is December, after all).

What: As I leave the crowded and overly hectic (surely I must be the only person who hasn't finished his or her Christmas shopping for his or her loved ones?) stalls, I see the young couple strolling up the path in front of me, doing the sort of overly cute public shows of affection that are the Young Couple In Love's ® stock-in-trade, the sort of display that would normally not merit comment.

But then, they stop walking, and the young man bends over at the waist and inexplicably plants his face full-square in her rear end and leaves it there, as she stands in the middle of a public park. Thus they stand for several seconds, frozen in place. What is he doing? Is the fragrance of her nether parts such sweet perfume? Does she powder with the finest Columbian? Is he a modern-day Raleigh, attempting to remove a particuarly uncomfortable wedgie from his lady-love's derriere with his teeth?

Damned if I know.


what the _____!

and you being you, didn't go up to him and ask what he was doing?

I felt that discretion was the better part of valor.

Didn't get a picture eh? I was walking down a street in Soho once, showing D____ around shortly after his arrival in New York. There was this young hipster couple. He was opening a gate to a parking lot - presumably they were heading to his car. While he was occupied, she bent down on her knees and stuck her face in his crotch. I snickered and looked at D____ and said, "Welcome to New York."

Perhaps it was the same couple? Or perhaps inappropriate PDAs are an initiation right into the Hipster Club Elite? Thank god it's happening with hipster (and presumably attractive) couples. Could you imagine what it would be like seeing some middle aged, overweight couple from a not-so-well-to-do-suburb doing this? Or worse yet, our parents? Brrrrrr....


It's just a little too weird for me to think that There Must Be Something I'm Not Doing Right, but then again...

Sure, you take pictures of buildings and freaking sunsets and crap like that, but when you finally come across some late-breaking Bill Butell ass-sniffing news you give us NADA!

Geez, Ken, you're acting all like it was my fault that I didn't have my camera with me that day.

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