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Real search engine queries, and my answers:

2002 michelle seasick

No, and no.

advantages disadvantages dating involved younger man men

Well, they're young and stupid. On the flip side, however, there are certain rampant advantages to younger men...

big pictures of noodles

Not here, move along.

breast girl catfight

Um, no, but if you ever find the right site, send it along.

can men get pms??

Not physically possible.

cancun october 2002 pictures canadian women

Never been to either Cancun or Canada.

claire swire is the happiest person on earth? posted

Apparently she is.

frequently asked questions about modern olympics

Like, what's up with the Modern Pentathalon?

girl racks

For storing girls or what?

july 2002 wet t-shirt contest

The only wet T-shirts around here belong to me, and I'm sure that you don't want to see them.

kitchen towels with pigs

So, are we talking about real pigs?

methocarbamol fun

Clearly the war on drugs has forgotten our neighbor to the north.

pigs being cook pictures

It's called a pork chop, my friend.

rectal thermometer girl

I don't even know where this one came from.

silly putty in pubic hair

That's gotta hurt.

stop killing famous peoples

OK, but only after next Tuesday.

the advantages of dating a much older woman

Why hello, Mrs. Robinson.

thong talk

I didn't know that they could.

why is processed cheese nasty

And why isn't it?

why not to date

Well, like, duh. That should be obvious.

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what? no pictures of noodles anywhere on your site? c'est tres bizarre...

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