Not Enough Love In The World


An excerpt from the book how to succeed with women, Chapter 4: Where the Girls Are; Meeting Women for Sex and Relationships.

Go to a personal growth seminar

... Another element of most seminars is that they stress honesty. Usually this means emotional honesty. People who reveal their innermost secrets are often rewarded by the group leaders and gain the respect of fellow seminarians*. This environment is perfect because you can come across as Mr. Sincere and Mr. Emotionally Honest & Available when you are actually just hitting on women.

On a break you could walk up to the most beautiful woman in the room and say something like "I've never told anyone this before, but I am finally realizing that I am a fully sexual being."

*This word doesn't mean what they think it means.


*inane giggling follows*

insincere sincerity being sold as the key here again.

You know, it never worked for that kid in American Pie.

and the most beautiful woman says "what were you before?"

Or perhaps, you could go to the seminar and actually mean everything you say. Then, perhaps, the women you meet will actually like you for who you are. There's a novel idea.

Well now, regarding seminarians; in the dark ages, being a proto-priest was a pretty good game. You got booze, books, free room and board, not too much mayhem and slaughter, and from all I read, plenty of sex. Maybe they did mean "seminarians"...

Or maybe it was just all that bad Latin that bamboozled the chicks.

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