I Just Wasn't Made For These Times


Maccers ponders the imponderable: Fratty called me last night ... Why do the boys you don't care about like you?

I dunno.

I always thougt that the question was more like Why do the girls you like don't care about you?


Ah, yes. Why do the boys I like never like me? And why do I never like the boys that like me? I think I must just be difficult.

And, Paul, you gotta stop those intense pen-pal relationships with prisoners. (Even the female ones.) They'll never lead anywhere good.

why couldn't it all just be easier?

Well, for one, I think that life would be a lot less interesting, albeit a hell of alot easier...

uh, well could you please just make today easier? i have a major project due and a test and i'm sleep deprived. so much so that i'm drinking coffee and i never drink coffe.

Thank you, Paul. It is that question which I have asked myself thousands of times during my now-fifteen-year unrequited obsession with Joan Van Ark of TV's Knots Landing.

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