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Ok, this really is the last time I write about this.

The whole Leah McLaren/Gwyneth Paltrow vs. English Men thing has gotten totally out of hand (and for the blokes out there who are looking for pictures of the pulchritudinous Ms. McLaren, I dug one up for you, so be happy (yes, that's her there in the corner)). Now both the New York Times and MSNBC have weighed in. The Times rebuts any and all charges of Anglophilia with the headline What Is It About British Men? Cheap, Drunk and Stiff Lipped (they said it, not me). And MSNBC (it's actually an AP story, but whatever) stands up for British manhood and takes some pokes at St. Gwynnie in the process in the oddly titled Gwyneth Paltrow vs. British press.

Moving on (finally, I hope), I'm still trying to work out what exactly this month's theme is going to be.

I've lots of nominations (thank you all), including but not limited to:

  • Processed Cheese: Why it's not REAL cheese. I know it seems a limited subject, but there are SO many kinds (velveeta, kraft singles, cancer in a can spray cheese) and SO many reasons to despise it.
  • I vote for POWER! (what's the line - the blow job is the new hand shake? You can start with that one)
  • Ambition at the edge: the fringiest things people will do to get ahead.
  • Singles, as a contrast to August's Relationships, in honor of those of us who are happily single and don't need a man or woman to make us happy, but enjoy dating and all the rest.
  • You've done relationships, now do what follows -- Sex! We want Sex! Lots and lots of Sex! [rest of suggestion deleted]
  • Gastronomy Month. All food, all the time.

So, I'm still making up my mind (so many choices, so little time...), but if you (you, yes you there reading this on company time, I'm talkin' to you) have another suggestion, mail me!

In other news, I hope to be moving this site to paulfrankenstein.org soon (don't go there, there's nothing there right now); coincident with the site move will be a switch to MovableType (I was gonna try to write my own, but after I drew up my initial spec, I said "screw it"). The move to MT means that I'll actually have permalinks! And comments! And other nifty goodies!

1 Comment

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