Soft Opening

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I guess I’m officially going live. Call it a ‘soft opening.’ Things to fix on the site:

  • Music & Opera pages need to be reformatted and updated.
  • Same with links.
  • Links also have to be pruned and otherwise reselected.
  • Not sure what’s going to go into the “Other Writing” page. Need to create something for that.

Pretty amazing that the site hasn’t been overhauled in over three years. I guess that it was finally time.

The Photography pages are done, or at least done in the sense that they’ve been formatted in the new format and updated somewhat. Though I can’t say that beyond updating the gear section that there was an awful lot to change.

The Fourth of July was pretty cool. I’m not entirely sure that $15 was worth it, but it was nice. Never been on the Roosevelt island cable car before. It was interesting. I heard, that night, four or five different languages: English, Spanish, German, Cantonese, some form of Hindi, and I probably missed some. Everybody coming out on a foggy night, pregnant with the possibility of rain, to see the fireworks. America. What a country, eh?

For the record, this is not a blog, though I suspect the primary difference is that I’m not using Blogger’s software. Eventually I’d like to end up with something like that — I really don’t think that breaking out Dreamweaver every time I want to write an update is a good idea — but how and why beats the pants off of me. I’ll figure something out.

In a perfect world I’d just roll my own code. Of course the last time I did some serious programming was in what, High School?

Still, it’s a start. Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, what, old chap?

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