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Getting The Groove Back

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A new article up on Mimeograph: How Regina Got Her (Culinary) Groove Back.

Warping And Woofing

Joshua Fielek has a new travel piece up on Mimeograph: Warp, Woof.

Check it out.

A Girl And Her Boy

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A new story up on Mimeograph: A Girl and Her Boy, by Bea Sypher.

It has what the television people call "Mature Themes", so if you don't like reading about sex, don't click here.


There's a new piece up on Mimeograph: NeoBohemia on the Number 12 Bus. Check it out.

Holee Bovine!

Another story is up on Mimeograph, this one by Joshua Fielek about the Battle of Little Bighorn. Check it out.

Not Dead Yet


Felicity McCarthy kindly lends her gothic mall short story "The Mall Hungers for Fresh Meat" to Mimeograph.

Check it out.

Fear And Donkeys in Las Vegas

Ken Goldstein has a report about his entry into the World Series of Poker a $25-a-head Thursday morning poker tourney over at Mimeograph.

I don't have to tell you twice to check it out.


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A new Noted Relationship Expert column is up at Mimeograph.


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Megan McArdle has a new piece up at Mimeograph.

New and Improved


A new story is up at Mimeograph.

(oh, and also posted over at blogcritics)

(and over at Mike Wolf's A Case For Song)