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Towers of Power

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Look up!

The building on the right, with the visible cross-bracing, is I.M. Pei’s Bank of China building. The building on the left, with the curved facade backed backed by a black tower, is the IBCB Tower at Citibank Plaza (the black tower behind it, which is attached, is the Citibank Tower). Betwixt the two is the Cheung Kong Center, a gigantic office building on the site where once stood the Hong Kong Hilton (the first hotel on Hong Kong Island). 

Peeking out in the background behind all those buildings is Jardine House, (née Connaught Centre), which was once the tallest building in Asia. That was a very long time ago.

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Christmas Decorations

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The Peninsula Hotel

A panoramic shot of the Peninsula Hotel in Hong Kong at night,all lit-up for the holidays. Stitched together from three different images using free software called Hugin.

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