Last night I dreamt that I owned a cat

Some random stuff:

  • Pan Am 747-100. Probably the classic combination of airliner and airline.
  • I seem to be buying frying pans at Ikea recently. I have a very nice stainless steel professional pan from France, which is fantastic, but has two drawbacks: it’s only 8 inches (good for cooking small things, larger things not so much), and it’s not non-stick (while I’m not a huge fan of non-stick, it does make certain things like making pancakes much easier). So I picked up a cheap pan that’s good for quick and dirty stuff. And then a few weeks later I ended up buying a somewhat more expensive, but more all-around useful pan. And this doesn’t even count the wok…
  • Speaking of Ikea, I was there buying a quilt/duvet cover when I ended up getting that second frying pan by accident.
  • I’ve been using OS X 10.5 “Tiger” on my main system for a while now, and my brief thumbnail review is that it’s a highly worthy upgrade. The consumer highlights are, of course, Time Machine, Spaces, and the quickview feature. Ars Techinca has a somewhat more in-depth review which covers a lot of the more technical details.
  • Note for the traveler going through southwestern Connecticut. If you wish to break your fast at the king of breakfast restaurants, you are advised to arrive well before nine a.m.