April, September, Whatever.

So I got a bit distracted:

  1. What product garnered the famous review “No wireless. Less space than a nomad. Lame.” upon its initial release? That was the Slashdot commentary about the original iPod.
  2. What was Kurt Vonnegut’s first published novel? Player Piano.
  3. “Tiny Bubbles” was what entertainer’s signature song? Don Ho.
  4. Cava is the Spanish version of what famous beverage? Champagne, or perhaps more generally, sparkling white wine.
  5. How do Syrah and Shiraz wines differ? In spelling only. They’re made from the same grape, which is called either syrah or shiraz depending on where it’s grown.
  6. Persepolis is located near what modern city? The city of Shiraz, of course.

Next round is going to be done a bit differently, I think…


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