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Brief Update From The Road

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  • Koh Tao is waaaaaay more developed than it used to be. Goddamn tourists.
  • When arranging travel, please remember for future reference that a flight that lands at 2 a.m. to connect to a flight that leaves at 6 a.m. is sub-optimal planning.
  • Particularly when the first flight is delayed by an hour.
  • Because that means you’ll end up sleeping for about 20 hours out of your first 24 in your intended destination.
  • Having said that, the new airport in Bangkok is pretty interesting.
  • Lobster Red is not a flattering shade for my complexion.
  • Am off to go diving with sharks this afternoon. Professional courtesy and all.
  • Diving is like riding a bike. You never forget the basic skills.
  • That Harry Potter book? Pretty good conclusion to the series, though given how unrelentingly dark it is, I’m not really sure that it qualifies as children’s book.

That is all for now. Back in a while.

Retrocrush Department

I promised Paul I would not publish anything about the new Star Trek movie while guest blogging. In its place, I offer my thoughts on what is undoubtedly a raging topic in the fanboy world right now: Is Karen Allen still hot? The available evidence indicates a resounding yes. (Also, I need to chastise the news organizations that ridiculously picked up the idea that the Indiana Jones IV Spielberg-Ford-Allen video from Comic-Con, now streaming from indianajones.com, was actually presented live… it seems rather obvious to me that it was not.)

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Guestblogger Lady Crumpet here, one of those filling in whilst Paul enjoys a well-deserved break.

Well, It Was Fun

Point: I’m done with the bar exam. Hopefully I passed—we’ll see when the scores come out in November.

Point: I’m about to head off to the exotic far east for two weeks of R&R. I’ve left you in the hands of some capable guest-bloggers to handle the traffic while I’m on a beach in the Gulf of Thailand.

Point: If you too are going to be in the far east, drop me a line and maybe we can figure out how to get our paths to cross.

Point: My flight leaves in four hours and I still have clothes in the washing machine.

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Bush's Commutation Policy

From the Wall Street Journal’s Law Blog: A Law Professor’s Inside Take on Bush’s Commutation Policy:

Judge Gonzales told me three things about President Bush’s policy in considering requests for commutation. First, that President Bush would not consider commutation if he believed that the case had already received full and fair consideration by the jury and the courts who heard the case. Second, that the President would not consider the request until he had a recommendation from the Department of Justice. Finally, he said that the President would not act on any request for commutation until all judicial avenues in the case had been exhausted.

The whole thing is worth reading.

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