Postkarten aus dem Ausland

Dear Reader,

My flight leaves in 15 hours and I’m entirely not prepared to go. At least I know where my toothbrush, my passport, and my towel are.

Anyway. Where was I? Oh yes.

People who which so receive postcards from foreign and exotic places are encouraged to click this link and email me their address—or at least the address to which they which to have missives from foreign and exotic places sent. There will be no refunds if the foreign and exotic lands are deem’d to be insufficiently foreign and/or exotic.

I have a few guestbloggers lined up for the next few weeks. Hopefully they’ll be introducing themselves shortly. My own presence on this blog is unpredictable; while I will have access to the tubes of the interwebs during the first leg of this voyage, access during the second leg is somewhat less predictable.

Those wishing to follow a pictorial narrative of the journey are invited to subscribe to my flickr feed… though updating that will be, like this space, sporadic.


UPDATE: Um, the old link had a typo in the email address. Um, try it again; it should work now…