One number for life...

or as long as the service exists, anyway. Currently in beta, GrandCentral is a service that provides you with a single phone number that’s linked to all of your existing numbers (home, work, cell, etc.). When someone calls your GrandCentral number, all of your phones will ring, and you can be reached at whatever location you happen to be. So basically you can give out a single number, and you would just have to update the service when your other phone numbers change, like if you move or change jobs.

It’s free if you only have two phone numbers to consolidate, and $15/month for consolidating additional numbers. There are also extra features like a single mailbox for voice messages, and the ability to download voicemails as audio files, as well as customization options like individual greetings for specific callers.

It seems like a neat service, although I wonder how many people would really want to be that accessible all the time.