I Must Eat Here When I Visit Montreal

Cult restaurant Au Pied de Cochon (no relation to the much older establishment of the same name in Paris, another place I want to eat) has collectively produced an extremely weird but potentially fascinating cookbook. From the Times:

How else could they open the book with a photograph of Mr. Picard in a meat locker, slugging a split pig as if it’s a punching bag while his shirtless staff watches? Would a big publisher have let them include a picture of the barrel-chested Mr. Picard wearing nothing but a regal sash under the title “PDC Food Porn,” or a portrait of the dishwashers acknowledging their hard work, or a phone message from an unhappy diner with choice words for Mr. Picard?

The French version comes with a 48-page comic book that claims to be a history of pork; the English version has instead an introduction by famed culinary rascal Anthony Bourdain.


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