"Zune" Means...

...well, in Quebec, "zoune" and "bizoune" are slang for genitalia.

More practically, though, it seems that "Zune" means "big giant flop".

Black, the most popular color, is #56 on Amazon's electronics bestsellers list. Brown is #126, and white is #364.

In comparison, thirteen different iPod models rank in Amazon's top fifty, and iPods account for 4 of the top six (#1, 3, 5 and 6) sales slots. More importantly, there are three non-iPod MP3 players ranked in the top 50. If Microsoft can't outsell SanDisk...

This, of course, doesn't even cover the fact that Zune's heavily touted wireless sharing actually constitutes Microsoft-endorsed copyright violation, which suggests that they'd be contributorily liable under Grokster.

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