So, We're Trying Something New Here

It’s the first (and, depending on participation, perhaps the last) Official Cover Song Contest!

Here’s how it works: below, you’ll find links to 10 clips of cover songs. Each clip is about 30 seconds, and is in MP3 format. Some of these are really easy, some are somewhat harder (the first version had 15 songs and was, by all accounts, much harder).

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to identify the artist playing, the song that they’re playing, and the original artist. Each answer is worth one point; each song is worth up to 3 points; the maximum possible score is 30. I suspect the actual winning score will be somewhat less than 30.

Email your answers to (or just click on the link). This contest will run for a week, so enter early and enter often!

And what does the winner get? A fabulous prize package (that is to say, at least a t-shirt and maybe some other stuff)! That’s right—you’ll actually win real stuff on the Internet! Who ever said that technology never got you anything?